Close up of healthy skin around the eye from Tixel treatment

What are Tixel Treatments?

Targeted heat energy revitalizes your skin from deep within, thanks to Tixel! This non-invasive skin resurfacing device uses proprietary, laser-free heat technology to boost collagen and elastin production underneath the surface of the skin while preserving the integrity of its top layer. Tixel provides fast results with minimum downtime, as healing doesn’t require anything more than sun avoidance and great home skin products. Safe for all skin types, including those with melasma and acne, we can’t wait to show you how Tixel treatments can provide astounding results for those seeking healthier, youthful skin!

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Skin Conditions We Treat Using Tixel Treatments

  • Sun Damage
  • Rosacea
  • Active acne
  • Hemangiomas and other markings
  • Scarring
Tixel treatment at Luminous Medical Aesthetics in Denver, NC

Why Choose Luminous Medical Aesthetics for Tixel Treatments?

At Luminous Medical Aesthetics, we’re not just bringing you the best, scientifically backed services that utilize world-class technology — we’re here as your long-term aesthetics partners. Whether you want to get your skin ready for a big event or are seeking lasting anti-aging solutions, our compassionate providers will help you get exactly what you need. We’re thrilled to bring on the Tixel device and create a pathway to rejuvenated skin that’s suitable for even more patients. Learn more about what Tixel can do for you by scheduling a consultation!

Tixel Treatment Before & After

Before and after Tixel treatment at Luminous
Tixel treatment at Luminous around eyes before and after
Tixel treatment around mouth before and after