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About Luminous 
Trusted Experts in Cosmetics

At Luminous, we work to be your long-term aesthetics partner, providing you with custom treatments and education, backed by medical experts and the latest technology. In other words, we don’t just improve your face, neck, and eyes: we make sure your results last. Our noninvasive procedures deliver luminous, hyperpigmentation, and scar-free skin that’s lighter, brighter, and tighter — for a more radiant you!

  • Backed by years of medical and aesthetic expertise
  • Innovative technology from brands like Hydrafacial, Lumenis®, and Cynosure®
  • Personalized treatment plans for ongoing health and beauty
  • Medical grade products
  • Patient-focused experience puts you above all else

Our Treatments
Non-Surgical Treatments for Your Eyes, Face, and Neck

Whether you’re seeking relief for persistently dry eyes, acne solutions that won’t irritate your skin, or an overall fresher look that brings out your best you, we’ll customize our non-invasive solutions for you.

Face and Eye Spa
Develop & Maintain a Customized, Year-Round Skin Care Routine!

Your skin deserves tailored, top-notch care that accounts for the changing of the seasons. Our experts are here to provide skincare routines that keep you looking youthful year-round, with a wide selection of services and retail products that support long-term wellness for skin that’s healthy and radiant.

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Acne Solutions & Anti-Aging Treatments
Get Brighter, Clearer, and Healthier Skin

Find relief for your acne-prone skin at Luminous with our range of options for troubled skin. If you’re dealing with the effects of aging, we can answer any questions you have about maintenance, and boost your confidence with innovative technology that keeps your skin looking younger, longer.

Tighten skin and reduce wrinkles with Tempsure® Envi by Cynosure®

Minimize signs of aging and boost collagen production with choice IPL lasers by Cynosure® and Lumenis®

Increase collagen regeneration and skin repair for beautifully firm, smoothed skin via radiofrequency microneedling with Potenza® by Cynosure®

Treat acne and visible signs of aging using a wide range of clinical products that keep your skin hydrated and protected

Dry Eye Spa
Find Fast & Lasting Relief for Dry Eye

  • We’re proud to have an established team with a long-standing medical background — experts who can safely work on and around your eyes — to bring you relief from dry eye disease. At our dry eye spa, we offer treatments from eye doctors who individualize your care to your unique case.
    • Tempsure® Envi (Radiofrequency treatment) — regenerate your skin and revive your oil-producing meibomian glands with the power of advanced radiofrequency signals
    • Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) — renew your skin and discover the benefits of this demodex-mite busting, oil-unclogging treatment that effectively keeps your eyes moist
    • LipiFlow® — massage, soothe, and relieve your parched eyes with this gentle, convenient option that clears clogged glands to relieve dry eyes
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We’re here to help you uncover the skin and eyes of your dreams, so you can say goodbye to dryness and irritation, and hello to your best face, eyes, and neck. Our experts are medically trained and use their years of experience to guide you to the best skin and eyes of your life, now and into the future.

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Lobby at Luminous

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