Skincare at Luminous Medical Aesthetics

Skincare products discerningly selected by our team, aimed at improving your skin’s health and appearance with scientifically backed active ingredients and nourishing formulations.

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Our Skincare Products

We carry and prescribe various skincare product lines at Luminous to meet all of your needs, as well as provide an outlet to shop for products that provide innovative results. From the original lash growth serum LATISSE® to an eye lift in a bottle with Upneeq®, our innovative selection is here to support your aesthetic goals. Our team can consult with you in order to determine which products are right for you!


Medical grade skincare that’s formulated to be effective and non-irritating. Get the actives, range of products, and care you need with brandMD®!


The original lash growth serum, LATISSE® offers a clinically proven way to get lush lashes in mere months! FDA Approved and scientifically proven, LATISSE® is the gold-standard when it comes to growing thicker, longer, fuller, and darker eyelashes.


The only product on the market capable of lifting up low-lying lids, Upneeq® drops offer a way to ease up a sagging eyelid without surgery. Sleepy eyes are awakened with just one drop!

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Our SPF Products

SPF is the most important part of your skincare routine as it keeps your skin healthy from the sun’s damaging rays. Not only can excess sun exposure without SPF cause cancerous lesions, but it also contributes to melanoma, a more dangerous skin cancer. Even if you’re low risk for skin cancer, the sun still causes enhanced photoaging as the free radicals produced by UV radiation cause oxidative stress. That means sunspots, hyperpigmentation, melasma, wrinkles, lines, and crepey skin: that’s why we emphasize to never skip the SPF , no matter your skin type as we offer tinted and untinted ultra-strong SPF 46!

Luminous SPF skincare products

Why Choose Luminous Medical Aesthetics for Your Skincare Products?

We only offer our patients products we’d be comfortably using ourselves at Luminous ! As your long-term partners for all things aesthetics , we want the best for your skin, from its appearance to its health. That means coming up with skin solutions that fit into your lifestyle, something our team can help you with by getting to know you and determining which of our offerings are best for your needs. Skincare can be complicated — let us make it easier for you!