Lip filler before and after treatment at Luminous

What is Revanesse®?

Revanesse® Lips™+ is a unique, hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler that is prepared in small batches to ensure maximum purity and quality. It provides soft and subtle hydration for the lips while smoothing the sensitive skin with its unique formula. Revanesse® Lips™+ is perfect for creating a more defined, voluminous mouth while perfecting skin for a gorgeous, hydrated, healthy look!

Benefits of Revanesse® Filler for Lips

Revanesse® lip filler’s special formula has been proven to show no unexpected side effects while resulting in minimal pain and downtime after injection. Revanesse® is an advanced filler that creates natural, but substantial results that’ll boost your confidence while creating a young look. Smooth out lip lines and plump your pout safely with Revanesse® Lips™+!

Am I a Candidate?

Most patients looking to improve the projection, shape, and volume of their lips or to smooth out excessive lip wrinkling are candidates for Revanesse® fillers! It has been shown in clinical studies to be an incredibly safe product, meaning more patients than ever can get the pout of their dreams. Our team will ensure your candidacy in consultation, where we’ll go over your needs and medical history to create a treatment plan for you.

Lip filler before and after treatment at Luminous

What Can I Expect from Revanesse® Filler?

We’ll give you preparation and aftercare instructions in consultation. Revanesse® is a very comfortable filler for patients and we’ll be with you every step of the way to create the lips of your dreams!

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Before Treatment

Prior to your treatment, we’ll cleanse the area and apply an extra numbing cream if you are very sensitive.
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During Treatment

Our injector will place a needle or cannula into the injection sites and dispense the product, catering the treatment to your needs. The filler contains a painkiller, so this should be fairly comfortable.
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After Treatment

After treatment, we’ll give you a cold pack to apply gently. We ask that you refrain from heavy exercise, but otherwise you can go back to your routine: most patients experience no downtime at all with Revanesse®!

Why Choose Luminous for Revanesse® Filler?

When it comes to your lips, you don’t want to risk leaving such a central feature to anyone but the finest experts in Denver! At Luminous Medical Aesthetics, we’re injectors that believe bringing out the best of you makes for exceptional, lasting results that continue to get better with time. Revanesse® is a revolutionary filler with its high-grade purity and boutique formula, that we use to completely revitalize the lips. Discover what we can do for your mouth with this world-class filler when you schedule a consultation!