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What is RADIESSE®?

RADIESSE® is a biostimulator that is used as an injectable dermal filler. It is comprised of a gel base filled with suspended calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) spheres that smooth, lift, and replenish the skin from within. By utilizing CaHA, which is structurally like the substance that much of our teeth and bones consist of, RADIESSE® stimulates collagen production. Collagen is an essential protein that gives skin its bounce and integrity, but its presence and production in the skin diminish with age. Once RADIESSE® is inserted into the desired area, it triggers your body’s natural healing response to boost collagen creation as the CaHA spheres create a scaffold below the skin’s surface to which collagen and elastin proteins form around and adhere to for long-lasting, lifted, plumped results and a rejuvenated you!

Benefits of RADIESSE®

RADIESSE® is long-lasting and as a biostimulator, gets better with time. It helps your body boost collagen and elastin production so that your results are regenerative rather than a one-time thing, which enables for us to provide significant results over time. RADIESSE® is safe, effective, and can be used across the face and body to create various effects including for areas like nasolabial folds, the lips, and to minimize jowls and pre-jowls. RADIESSE® can lift and firm lax skin, smooth wrinkles and fine lines, and sculpt the face all with minimal downtime thanks to its innovative formula!

Am I a Candidate?

If you have visible signs of aging, like skin laxity, wrinkles, and folds, you’re likely a candidate for RADIESSE®! We can accomplish a broad range of needs for your concerns with our expertise at Luminous Medical Aesthetics, and RADIESSE® is an effective way to do so with compounding results that get better over time. We’ll determine your candidacy in a thorough consultation where we’ll get to know you and your needs as well as your medical history for the safest and most effective treatment possible.

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What Can I Expect from RADIESSE Biostimulating Dermal Filler?

You will receive electronic pre and post-instructions for all treatments. RADIESSE® is versatile and lets us turn your dreams into reality with its unique formulation, so we’ll create a comprehensive treatment plan for you in consultation that suits this modality.

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Before Treatment

Prior to your treatment, we ask that you keep away from NSAIDs, alcohol, and the sun: we’ll cleanse the area and apply an extra numbing cream if you are very sensitive once you’re in for your appointment.

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During Treatment

Once the desired areas are cleansed and numbed, we’ll begin injecting you. Depending on what we’re doing, we’ll use a needle or a cannula.
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After Treatment

Once we’re finished, you might notice some slight swelling or bruising. This is normal and should diminish within the days following your treatment. We ask that you avoid rigorous activities like intense exercise, as well as sun exposure and using force on the area. You’ll notice immediate results that get better over time, that should last for up to one year!

Why Choose Luminous for RADIESSE® Filler?

You deserve the finest care from top experts in Denver, which is why our expert staff at Luminous are here to help! We believe in bringing out the best of your beauty, a process that RADIESSE® is uniquely suited for with its exceptional lasting results that harness the power of your own body. We can completely revitalize your face with tailored treatments using RADIESSE® that will turn back the clock, non-surgically. Discover why RADIESSE® is one of the most powerful biostimulators available when you schedule a consultation with us!